Monday, 30 May 2011

Green Grass And Cute Kittens!

Went to check on my boy today. Apollo pulled a muscle due to lack of exercise, LOL just my luck!! I also pulled a muscle (well it's sore) and it's my back!! Ugh I honestly think that is the worst pain ever!! The boy and I gotta get on the mend now haha.Oh boy. Well anyway on a happy note, look at the pretty grazing pictures I took of him!! :

 He's gained weight and lost a bit of muscle !!! :-(. Gotta work hard once he's good to go to get it back.
On a side note, one of the barn cats had a litter of kittens!!!!!!! (the barn owner is not too happy haha!!) She had 3 kittens, they're SOOO cute!! Ugh I want to take one home but  I already have a cat at home. I'm trying to convice the boyfriend to take one, just so I can hold it and play with it haha. I took a couple pictures, they're not the best because it was dark and it's a camera phone but ahh.. whatever. They are 4 weeks old, and there is a black & white, grey & white and orange & white.

I want the black&white one, ahh too bad!!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Canine and The Equine Meet!!!

So I took my dog the other day to meet my horse and well the other horses there -plus he had the freedom of running free in the open fields unlike living in the city. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, because we do have police horses and once we were passing by them my little dog started to bark and kind of growl at them. Lol you could imagine the horses looking down at him like "WHAT could you possibly do to ME!?!?"
Before I took him to meet my horse, I went to the horses outside that were close to the fence. I honestly should of video taped it!!!!!! but no camera :-(  As we inch closer to the horses my dogs eyes were literally big circles O_O WHAT IS THAT!?! and the horses on the other side of the fence were looking at him and trying to sniff him. My dog stood up on his hind feet and was trying to smell them, one of the horses got closer to Saba (my dog) and my dog literally jumped 4 feet back!!! LOOOL. But his curiosity got the best of him and he came back to sniff the horse, this time he got closer and seemed to be okay with it.
That was relief to me, and went inside for Saba to meet Apollo, this time Saba didn't care nor did my horse( he's use to dogs anyway). I took them both out to the grass, so the horse can eat and Saba can walk around. My dog literally looked like he was in paradise!! He absolutely LOVED being there!! I can't blame him, after all he is a dog and where we go is just green huge fields.
I honestly think my dog is a natural barn dog ;-P.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Best Guy

You know sometimes the best guy to have for a girl is a horse. Or whatever animal - as long as it's an animal. You know why? because they say nothing, nothing at all!!
They are always there for you when you need them, I truly cannot believe how faithful animals are to us. You can punish them for misbehaving, call them retards but at the end of the day they may muzzle you for feeling down and they really try to comfort you without the words, which is just perfect!
They don't need any cues to be giving you love - now animals, they are always so loving. They always try so hard to make their owners pleased. That is my horse and honestly he deserves a big round of applause and big FAT juicy carrot for when my human bf is too much of a macho man to comfort or say the right things or needs a darn clue to give me a hug.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, my dirty faced horse! :-)

So I was wondering, do you guys have a similar bond to your animal? If so, what kind of animal? Please do tell :-)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

It Fits!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to go see my boy yesterday and finally get his saddle fitted!! woohooo the new saddle I got for him RIGHT before he went lame on me!! -_- LOL.
Soo goood news my saddle fits my boy FOR NOW since he lost his muscle and gained a  bit of weight. When I start working him though, I will have to get it re-fitted and probably get it changed to make the saddle a bit wider. Oh and it also fits me ;-P!!!! She said I was so close  to  getting it custom made for me ( since I have long legs and need long leg flaps on the saddle!!) Thank god, I did fit in it because then I would need to pay maybe about $1200.00 ?? for a custom made saddle. Which is crazzzzzy since the saddle I got now costs $1100.00!!! ( Yes, the equine world is quite expensive.....)
Well, an update on my boy, he is stiff lol since he was trapped in a cage for 2 weeks with no movement! I have been stretching him and I guess it will just get better with time and more and more exercise.
So on Friday I am fiinally going to get on him but I'm not going to give him our normal workout, just mostly walk.
Excited!! :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Oh The Heartbreak!

Not much of an update on Apollo, except that he is indeed healthy but I unfortunately CANNOT ride him until I get my brand new saddle fitted on him. Poo :-(. I have to wait until the saddle fitter can get back to me so we can schedule for him to come out! I called him on Friday and hopefully he will call me back soon! I am so eager to get back on my boy and get back into shape (both him and I). This is why a second horse is needed LOL.

Anyway thought I would rant today about my FAVOURITE riding boots that I so DESPERATELY want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First let me say that I have been trying to look for a nice showing boot since I have a really icky old pair. Then my eyes crossed the Ariat Monacos and angels started singing. LOL. Let me show you these godly beautiful leather field boots that I've been drooling over:
Price you may ask? $800 plus taxes............................................................................................................................... LOL. I know they are a piece of leather and shouldn't be this price but what the hey, I'm a girl and I do love my boots. So I have been dreaming about these boots since July 2010 and recently I read a couple of bad reviews, here's one of them:
"These boots are gorgeous, but the leather is like glove leather, and paper-thin. I went to my local tack store and found that they fit right out of the box, dead perfect, just like custom, and looked amazing. Many people have just purchased them at my facility, and I'd started saving money for them...but, sadly, they are wearing out SUPER FAST!! One lady is on her second pair; she had the first pair only 6 months before they wore out--seriously, holes so big on the inside calf they were unsalvageable. However, she loved them so much she bought a second pair. Everyone else has worn them only a few times and then become extremely alarmed at how fast they were wearing they are back to schooling in their old boots, and the beautiful new Monacos sit in their box, waiting for the shows. Upside: the zippers are FANTASTIC! A HUGE improvement over the old Ariat zippers. If they can just work out getting these boots to last like customs, they will win me over in a heartbeat. Of course, it's probably great for their business that women are buying a pair every 6 months...too bad I can't afford to do that"

 And then I  thought "Oh No :-(  but but but  but but why???" Then I read this:

"These are some of the nicest field boots I've ever seen and are very popular on the A show circuit. The stretch panels on the inside allow for a truly custom fit and the ankles are not bulky. I've gotten so many compliments on these boots! There is barely any break in time... that being said...keep these boots for showing and not for daily use! The calfskin leather is so soft that they will not hold up well to everyday use. The inner calf will wear from the friction against the saddle and horse. Well worth the price tag, custom look and fit from a stock boot."
So, maybe maybe it is possible that I can get them! Since all I want to do is use them for showing purposes and wouldn't  be schooling hard core in them since I have a pair of schooling boots which are Ariats and are fantastic!  Ahhhhhhhh what do I do? I still really want them even if they wear fast LOL ! I'm such a girl, I'll spend the  money even if they're not !00%.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Untzz UNttzz Untttzzza

So my boy got his shoes on today and this is basically what he did:

This is not my horse, unfortunately I couldn't cam him running around. But it was very similar to this. He was singing IMMM FREEEEEE, MY LEGS WORK!!!! and then he rolled. LOL so I gots me a dirty healthy horse now.
Farrier said I can get back to riding him in 3 days!!!! :-D. All is well.