Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Closer to Recovery!!

Well.. I went to see my boy yesterday, soak his injured foot and wrap it up. Walked him in the arena for a bit since he's been stuck in his stall for about a week now. Once we got into the arena, the boy went crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy. Haha I don't blame him but at 17.1hh which is about 68inches (from the ground to his wither which is excluding his head) that is fairly intimidating but after a good 40 minute walk with a lead chain he settled down :-).
Put  him back in his stall and got in touch with the farrier so he can put the shoe back on Apollo and finish his job. Honestly, if he is professional he shouldn't charge me, after all it is his fault for putting off my horse - well I guess I will find out tomorrow.
Hopefully when I see my boy tomorrow, he will be feeling better so I can finally get back into riding and getting him in shape. Fingers crossed :-).


  1. glad to hear he is doing better

  2. awesome dude, hope he makes a full recovery quick

  3. Yeah, if the farrier even likes horses (which he should, being a farrier) he will feel pretty bad for the horse, and make it up to you. hope he gets better soon, and I'm glad he could get his energy out!

  4. Hope all goes well man, they're gentle beasts and deserve care