Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Horse IS Dark Bay, I Swear!!!

Went to go see the boy yesterday, check on him and his lovely foot and walk him around for a bit.
Once I got to the barn, I went straight to his stall and saw that his wrap that I put on 2 days ago was off!!! Ugh... great. He must of lost it somewhere, running around in the arena maybe. I got him out on the cross-ties and re-wrapped his foot.
I didn't have much time to spend with him so instead of grooming ( he was REALLY dirty but not from the mud, from the arena dust) I went straight to the arena with him so he can move around. Usually when I bring him in there he runs around like crazy and rolls, instead he didn't run, he just walked around and would stand where the windows were. He did do one thing that he ALWAYS does, is roll around in the arena dust and just enjoys life. lol I usually don't really like him when he rolls around in there because it takes sooo long to get it all off, actually it barely comes off!! The arena dust must have some kind of oils in it because it actually sticks to his hair, the only way to get him nice and clean is to give him a bath! Which will be soon :-)
My horse is a dark bay almost black but after he rolls and gets all the dust all over him, hes literally turns beige. LOL like this:
                                                 Apollo after a nice roll.
He doesn't actually look like that, honestly! This is his true colour/ when he is nice and clean lol :
There's my Mr. handsome lol.
Anyway, going to get him some hoof boots so he can be turned out with his buddies finally and he can feel more comfortable when walking until he grows some hoof protection himself :-).


  1. your horse is absolutely beautiful

  2. yea its really a nice looking horse

  3. Mr Gorge. I think thats what im going to give him as a nickname because hes freakin Gorge.
    My God look at all that sand on him in the first picture lmao. You really are lucky to have a horse like that, you should be very proud :)


  4. his eyes in the first picture look creepy sorry lol